Dedicated to you, your family, and your health. We have been part of the Okanogan community for 30 years.

High quality health care for the entire family.

Family Health Centers provides high quality health care services in the communities of:  Omak, Okanogan, Oroville, Tonasket, Bridgeport, Brewster and Twisp.  Our medical and dental clinics are staffed with excellent health care professionals delivering high quality health care to all.  With flexible hours and several community locations, we are available to provide excellent services for all the health needs of you and your family.

If you have an emergency dial 911

Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic medicine emphasizes preventing disease, encouraging the body’s inherent healing abilities, treating the whole person and educating patients about their own health. Natural therapies are particularly effective for treating a variety of chronic health concerns such as asthma, chronic pain and cardiovascular disease. While firmly science-based, modern naturopath medicine also preserves the centuries-old wisdom of successful natural therapies.


Family Health Centers has two full pharmacies at our Brewster Jay Avenue and Omak clinic locations. You will be able to talk with our Pharmacist and receive immediate instructions and information about medications. Additionally, Family Health Centers is able to obtain pharmaceuticals at a discounted rate because we are a community health center. Those savings are passed on to our patients, enabling us to provide prescription medications at a lower cost.

New Psychiatry Services

Our provider explores ways to improve outcome driven mental health care in the primary care setting. Patients are treated through the use of medication, therapy and/or other integrative strategies.

Medical Care

Our medical clinics provide a full range of high quality health care services. From treating immediate health issues, ongoing care for chronic or multiple conditions, as well as a focus on preventive care and screening exams. Visit one of our medical clinics today for all your health care needs.  For walk-in hours, please call.

Dental Care

Family Health Centers delivers excellent high quality dental care. We have a focus on children’s dental needs. We also accept Medicaid coupons. Our dentists, with the assistance of their skilled dental assistants and other support staff, provide a full range of dental services including regular check ups, sealants, cleanings, filings, extractions, and root canal therapy.  All prosthetic services are limited and require prior authorization from Apple Health. We also offer school screenings for K-5, Head Start, Early Head Start, and EPIC.

Children’s Health

With excellent medical providers on staff available to treat children’s health issues, Family Health Centers can play an important role in supporting and promoting your child’s health. We provide periodic well child exams throughout your child’s early years and continuing into young adulthood.


Family Health Centers can provide all recommended immunizations for you and your children. Linked to the Washington State Immunization Information System, we have one of the highest levels of immunization rates. We are committed to ensuring your family is protected, and that the health of our community is sustained by immunizing against preventable diseases.

Obstetrics and Women’s Care

Family Health Centers provides high quality care for women, including a full range of women’s preventive exams, family planning services, and complete obstetrical services. Our physicians and certified nurse midwife are affiliated with our excellent local hospitals to provide health services in support of a healthy pregnancy and delivery.

Chronic Care Model

Family Health Centers is a leader in the treatment of chronic conditions, including diabetes and asthma. We have teams that combine medical providers and nurses who work closely with the patient to manage their chronic condition. Using innovative approaches such as group classes, tools given to the patient to become engaged and actively participating in their own care, cooking classes and other activities, patients are able to improve their health. Living with a chronic condition can be very challenging, and Family Health Centers’ dedicated teams of nurses, providers and other support staff are dedicated to working together and partnering with patients to improve their health.

Women, Infants and Children (WIC)

WIC is a place where families like yours get healthy food and a whole lot more.  WIC is for pregnant women, new and breastfeeding moms, and children under 5.  We help improve the health of mothers through nutrition education, breastfeeding support, monthly checks for healthy food and health screenings and referrals.  Free one-on-one appointments with a nutritionist and/or lactation consultant are available.  WIC is kid-friendly tips about feeding your children and ideas about how to be an active family.  WIC is personal Peer Counselor support, information for returning to work or school and breast pump loans.   Family Health Centers is proud to provide this important program in Okanogan County.

Patient Centered Medical Home

When it comes to health care, you are seeking wellness, recovering from illness or managing a chronic condition. It is a cycle of staying well, getting well, and being well. If you deal with these health situations in a long-term relationship with a trusted provider, then you’ve found your Patient-Centered Medical Home. Think about it. Your personal provider and an extended team of health professionals build a relationship in which they know you, your family situation, your medical history and health issues. In turn, you come to trust and rely on them for expert, evidence-based health care answers that are suited entirely to you or your family.

Reduced Fee Policy

Family Health Centers has established a program that reduces fees charged to qualifying patients based on poverty guidelines. Each year the federal government determines poverty levels based on income and family size. Family Health Centers uses these poverty levels to determine your potential discount when you fully complete a Reduced Fee Application and provide proof of income. Family Health Centers reduces provider fees to a standard nominal charge for our lowest poverty level patients, or as a percentage of our standard fee for all other poverty levels.

Behavioral Health

We serve our patients utilizing a whole person care model in integrated care. This means that your health care center can provide the services to improve your health based on your individual needs, including behavioral health services. Our Behavioral Health Team consists of Licensed Mental Health Counselors and Care Coordinators that also provide interpreting services to accommodate our Spanish-speaking patients, located in most of our clinics. These services are available to patients, age 12 and up when referred by their medical provider at FHC.

Behavioral Health Specialists work together with our medical providers to offer comprehensive health services for patients. Utilizing Brief Solution-Focused Interventions, our Behavioral Health Specialists assist patients with their physical and behavioral symptoms that may be interfering with the quality of life. The Behavioral Health Team also assists patients with referrals to community resources, mental health and psychiatric services, and drug and alcohol treatment.

Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

MAT medications are used to treat opioid use disorder, also known as addiction to heroin or pain pills. The most common MAT medication is buprenorphine/naloxone (“Subxone”), which is taken to stop cravings for heroin or pain pills and to keep you from getting sick when you try to stop using those substances. You can usually get a prescription for this medication on the same day you come in.
In the past drug or alcohol addiction was seen as a moral problem, but in modern medicine we now know that addiction is actually a chronic disease caused by a combination of genetic susceptibility, social history, and lifestyle factors. Like many chronic diseases, alcohol and many types of drug addiction can be treated successfully with carefully monitored prescription medication, social support, and lifestyle changes.
Call (509) 322-5971 to get started on the road to recovery today.

Athena Health Patient Portal

The Patient Portal provides you with access to your health care information – online 24 hours a day. You can request appointments, view your lab results or check your medications all from your home computer or your smartphone.

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