Reduced Fee Program

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Program Overview

What is a Reduced Fee Program?

Family Health Centers (FHC) has established a program that reduces fees charged to patients based on their income and household size. To determine your discount, FHC compares your income and household size to the “Poverty Levels” annually determined by the federal government. Patient fees are reduced in the form of a nominal charge or as a percentage of our standard fee.

How can Family Health Centers offer a discount?
FHC can offer a discount that reduces fees for qualified patients because we are supported in part through federal, state and local government grants and contracts. This support does not cover the full cost of the services we provide and patient payments are vital to our continuing ability to provide your care. Every program has requirements and FHC’s Reduced Fee Program is no different. The Federal government and other funding agencies require that we obtain specific information prior to reducing fees.

Do I qualify for a discount?
Reduced Fee determinations are not made until the necessary documentation is provided.

Are all services discounted?
Most of the visit is eligible for a discount, but not all. If you have a question about a specific service or supply cost, contact Patient Accounts at (509) 422-7670.

Medical Services

When do I pay for services?
For patients with household income at or below the federal poverty level a $20 nominal charge is paid when checking in for your visit. With limited exception, this is the only amount you’ll pay for the visit. Staff will inform you in advance if the fee will be more than $20. If your household income is above 100% of the federal poverty level, a minimum payment of $30 is due when checking in.  The balance due will be based on your household income level and will be collected at check out. To avoid delays, please have the payment with you. For your convenience, we accept cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard or debit cards. If you require a payment arrangement, please contact Patient Accounts before your appointment. The number for Patient Accounts is (509) 422-7670.

Dental Services

Please arrive well ahead of your scheduled appointment to complete the application and to receive answers to any questions you have. You may also stop by the clinic on any day prior to your appointment or call Patient Accounts. For patients with household income at or below 100% of the federal poverty level, a $35 nominal charge is paid at check in. With the exception of supplies (dentures, bridges, and etc.) this is the only amount you will pay for the visit. If your household income is above 100% of the federal poverty level, $35 is paid at check in and the remaining balance for the visit will be collected at check out. If needed, talk to Patient Registration or Patient Accounts about payment arrangements. The number for Patient Account is (509) 422-7670. Some procedures require payment in advance. Contact the Patient Registration for more information. If your household income has changed since your last visit, please inform Patient Registration when checking in.

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